Call for co-founders

Call for co-founders

An exceptional company begins with a competitive team,  matched to the right market.

  • We are in it for the long haul, determined to overcome obstacles together and adapt to new challenges. We believe that building a successful business is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Many of our co-founders stay with us to create multiple companies. Once they’ve helped write one startup’s story, they’re ready to begin another.
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Startups looking for co-founders

SelfHealth is looking for a product co-founder

to join our exciting journey to the better world for people with autoimmune disease that we’re building right now. is a wellness startup, our mission is to help people with autoimmune conditions get back to normal life. 

That’s why we’re creating an evidence-based crowdsourced platform for autoimmune to give people a chance to take ownership of the illness and improve their quality of life providing information about what holistic methods actually work and what don't.

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According to our research with 1000+ responders, only about 51% of autoimmune owners are getting better with FDA-registered drugs and we’re there for the other 49%.

We’re developing the algorithm to rank medical trials to recognise trustworthy ones and make them understandable for all. We’re also crowdsourcing people's holistic medicine experience and complementing it with trails to provide a whole picture of what could help and what isn't worth the time to spend on.

Important note: our project is not sponsored or funded by Pharmaceutical companies - we’re independent and unbiased.

So if you’re experienced in launching telemedicine products and know what big data is, if you are as open minded as sceptical (but believe that holistic medicine somehow works), and you’re partial to others and want to create something big and worthy...

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Afterglow is looking for a marketing co-founder

to join our team and build cozy social wellness app. We connect people who need support with creators whose content improves other people's lives.

70% have something that they cannot discuss with friends and relatives, but feel like really need to talk about it.

Our mission is: everyone needs a cozy place where you can wind down, exchange life experience, help others, share feelings and gain support from trusting environment.