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Founded in 2021

SelfInsight is a digital platform that empowers people with autoimmune diseases to navigate their health journeys by tracking their symptoms, meals, sleep, lifestyle habits, and supplements. Founded by an MS Warrior with an engineering and entrepreneurial background, SelfInsight is based on technology, data science, and crowdsourcing to create the most comprehensive holistic database in the world.

The SelfInsight team aims to help millions of people with autoimmune diseases live healthy and fulfilled lives.

How does the platform work?

  1. Fill out a health questionnaire so that you can create your health profile through the platform.

  2. Start tracking your holistic routines (symptoms, meals, sleep, and supplements).

  3. AI processes your logs and suggests possible triggers behind your symptoms. You get insights, and it helps you make informed, data-driven decisions based on simple reports with your health data.

  4. You make relevant lifestyle changes & improve your quality of life with MS. You can easily share your reports with your doctor.

SelfInsight was founded by Embria in 2021.

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