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Founded in 2021

MEAL (Mindful Eating And Living) is an app helping women recover from the consequences of the diet mentality, control their eating habits, and achieve a happy weight.

MEAL app is your source for the most sustainable approach to nutrition, weight loss, and healthy living. The app adapts to your needs: if you want to lose weight, you will lose it, if you want to understand yourself and your attitude to food better, MEAL will help here as well. We help make a woman's life not revolve around how, when and what they eat. Mindful eating is the key to living in the moment so you can enjoy the eating experience and, as a result, enjoy your life more.

The startup aims to stop the diet culture disaster and the dramatic growth of eating disorders that prevent women from living happy and healthy lives in their wonderful bodies. It helps women sustainably and mindfully fix their relationship with food, respecting their health, needs, and wants.

The project helps our users create healthy eating habits and routines based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization, Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the British Nutrition Foundation, and Canada’s Food Guide, and more.

With MEAL's professional psychology & healthy nutrition coaches, you'll learn to:

  • eat when you're hungry and stop when you're satiated

  • enjoy all foods without guilt and overeating

  • understand how to build a balanced plate

  • address emotional eating and binge eating

  • stay body positive no matter what

  • practice intuitive eating and mindful living

  • lose weight sustainably

Embria founded MEAL in 2021.

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