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Chief Marketing Officer

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We are looking for a strong and experienced marketing professional who will initiate, supervise and make decisions around all the key processes in our startups' marketing and growth.

A CMO at Embria is supposed to:

  • build mechanisms for our portfolio startups to report on their marketing effectiveness based on reliable analytical data;

  • design and audit financial-production startup models from the marketing side

  • build effective marketing funnels for startups in co-creation with co-founders and project teams

  • find and hire CMOs and key people for startups’ marketing teams

  • partnership on behalf of Embria and, if necessary, on behalf of a startup with platforms, marketing channels, media, tools, and everything you need for successful marketing activities;

Our ideal CMO has:

  • experience in Tier-1 markets, from UA to influence marketing, X growth, monetization, and brand building

  • effective marketing allowances from $2M

  • own network in marketing (entrepreneurs, C-level, experts, advisors)

  • pitching/fundraising experience is a plus

  • fluent English is a must

If it's you we are looking for, please get in touch with our hiring manager responsible for this search or fill in the form below.

Contact: Marianna Krell