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Senior Python (Django) Developer

Senior Python (Django) Developer

Senior Python (Django) Developer

Senior Python (Django) Developer

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We are SelfInsight —  a platform for people with autoimmune diseases that aims to improve their standard of living through functional medicine.

SelfInsight is founded by Embria — one of the leading steadily growing venture builders in Europe. Our office is located in Cyprus, and we consider candidates located here or the ones who are open for relocation after the probation period (which can be done remotely, with business trips to Cyprus) to make our work as efficient as possible.

We are looking for a passionate full-time back-end developer who is willing to dive into the technical part of the product and develop it with us to build a new unicorn! 

As a back-end developer, you will be mainly focused on

  • development of a back-end web version of our service

  • development of API for mobile application

Our stack

  • Python, Django

  • postgres

What awaits you in our team

  • We are a small and ambitious team that values a proactive approach toward work, openness, and passion for the product. We do not work in the “give me tasks” format, we always discuss what result we want to achieve together, define needed contributions from each team member, and set goals for ourselves.

  • We are result-oriented. All team members have their own responsibilities, but at the same time, our efforts are aimed at a common goal. If we know how to improve processes or find bugs in other parts of the product, we never ignore this and simply wait for the manager to come and fix everything — we act and solve issues. 

  • We are user-driven. Our users are always right. You will often do things not in “the right way”, but in the way our users need it to be done.

  • Impossible is possible. Sometimes you need to use your imagination and creativity to solve problems. We don't give up right away, we try to find non-standard solutions instead 💡

  • We love what we do. Passion and genuine interest — that is what we are looking for in people in the first place. We sincerely want to help our users, and we are ready to develop in the process, communicate a lot, and do a little more than what you see in the job description.

More about SelfInsight 

About 4-6% of the population suffer from autoimmune diseases worldwide. Autoimmune diseases are incurable, and modern medicine has limited resources to help. Such drugs are only effective in 30-35% of cases, and at the same time, they have serious side effects.

Therefore, a significant part of people with autoimmune diseases come to alternative methods of treatment: various diets, dietary supplements, medical procedures, exercise complexes, etc.

At the same time, everyone is waiting for quick results, but you may not notice small changes in symptoms without a tracking tool. People tend to quickly lose motivation and switch to looking for a new method, which is also a big issue. 

We create an open platform that should solve these two problems. We aim to help people find a method that helps them and potentially can help people with similar diseases based on the details of illnesses and symptoms.

Accordingly, the platform will have two main parts:

  • Catalog of various protocols for improving the quality of life with an algorithm for selecting the right protocols for a specific person;

  • Tracker application for logging diet, dietary supplements, symptoms, and many other different indicators that can affect symptoms.

Creating such a service is not an easy task, because we want to provide users with the most objective and statistically significant data for making decisions on their lifestyle and health.


Anna Shorina, networking manager