Embria currently consists of more than 10 partner companies doing business on the Internet. Embria companies actively develop Russian and foreign Internet markets. They provide users with high quality products and are leaders in their market segments.

Fotostrana is the largest entertainment social network in RuNet. It is in the TOP-5, together with VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki (Classmates) and MojMir (My World).
Playkot develops game applications for social networks and mobile platforms. It is one of the leading companies in the social games industry in the markets of Russia and the CIS.
Belka Games is a young company that creates games for social networks. Its DAU is more than half a million users.
DataLead is a leading mobile user acquisition agency in Russia. The company provides high-quality mobile non-incentive traffic from the biggest traffic-sources.
Albrecht & Vitte is a company that provides Internet business with legal services.
Embria is an international group of IT-companies


Social entertainment network

Fotostrana is a social and entertainment network which is popular in Russia and beyond, with daily audience of 1 million people! The company develops social network and monetizing games and activities.

From 2015 Fotostrana directed its efforts to mobile developments. Four apps were launched – mobile version of Fotostrana, Swipe — application for communication with friends, mobile photo contest “Picture of the Day” and SweetMeet dating service. The latter was released to USA market in 2016.

Fotostrana has been in existence for 9 years already, and as of today its team consists of 150 people. As the years went, operation of the company evolved from «frenzied startup» approach where every person was Jack of all trades – writing codes, composing, designing etc. Now the company practice is splitting the responsibilities, but at the same time – the best sides of a startup are still there, and promising ideas are not "gathering dust" but rather get implemented promptly.
Like all companies of Embria, Fotostrana has a strong team and brotherhood spirit, and traditional events and holidays - without which any corporate calendar is unheard-of – help a lot to maintain this spirit.


Social games

Playkot has started its way into the world of game development from a small start-up in 2009. Only 4 years later, having achieved a market success in social games in Russia, Playkot entered the international market. By 2014 Playkot has reached the Top 100 Grossing Facebook with it’s hit SuperCity, the game that was called #1 city-builder according to FB.
The year 2017 was a landmark for Playkot - company entered the mobile games market and has already made several major releases. Also in 2017 Playkot became the international corporate group with Cyprus-based HQ. Today there are more than 100 high-skilled professionals of gaming industry working for Playkot.
Some of the most popular Playkot games are: SuperCity (Top-30 FB), Tropic Storm (Top-100 FB), Knights: Clash Of Heroes.

Playkot’s current active userbase is: 530 000 (DAU) 1 500 000 (MAU)

Belka Games

Social games

Belka Games develops games for social networks. Their DAU is over half a million users.

The company has created and released 14 social games and applications. Belka Games specializes in developing casual game applications. Bright, eye-catching graphics and high technical quality have led to consistent popularity with their users.
The company's products are as popular in the main market, which is the CIS, as they are among players in the USA and Asia (Japan, Korea, China).

Belka Games' games can be found in 15 social networks, and top the charts in VKontakte, Odnoklassniki (Classmates), MojMir (My World), MeinVZ, SchuelerVZ, StudiVZ, Nasza Klasa.
More than half a million users play Belka Games games on a daily basis. The total number of players exceeds 15,000,000 people.

The most popular games of Belka Games are Clockmaker и Cower Defense.

Their DAU for games is 650,000 users.


Mobile user acquisition agency

DataLead is a leading mobile user acquisition agency in Russia. The company provides high-quality mobile non-incentive traffic from the biggest traffic-sources: MAIL.RU, Google,, Facebook, Twitter, InMobi and others.
Traffic is provided on a CPI basis (cost-per-install). Clients pay only for the users who have proved they are interested by installing applications to their cellphones.
DataLead has a great portfolio of direct clients including the following companies: Tap4Fun, Aviasales, eBay, GetTaxi, Social Quantum, GameLoft and others. Today the company provides up to 40 000 Android installs per day, and up to 25 000 iOS installs per day.

Albrecht & Vitte

Legal assistance

Albrecht & Vitte is a company that has been providing legal services to Internet businesses since 2011. The company’s lawyers offer a range of services: one-time support for tax-structuring, Internet resource monetization and complex solutions for the protection and optimisation of companies operating on or via the internet.
Dmitry Donov, CEO of the company:
–Internet entrepreneurs come across not only common difficulties such as organizing and registering their business but also very unique ones, such as cross-border payments, tax planning or DMCA. Albrecht & Vitte’s lawyers work to protect a client’s interests from the concept stage and continue to do so through all subsequent stages of development.
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