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AdTech Holding

AdTech Holding

Founded in 2011

Since 2011, the AdTech Holding team works on delivering pioneering technologies for the global MarTech industry by combining the most innovative and diverse talent with groundbreaking applied AI, expert systems, and scaled data science. Today the company unites 5 projects, which have over 1.2B audience monthly:

🔹 PropellerAds — Built on machine learning and big data analysis, PropellerAds advertising platform currently handles more than 2 million requests per second to ensure exceptional performance for its advertisers.

🔹 Notix — A leading push notification service for websites and apps with unbeatable user subscription and delivery rates: 30% higher compared to similar services.

🔹 Zeydoo — A performance marketing platform, which serves millions of conversions secured by a fraud prevention system and features data intelligence algorithms for CPA offer rotation, wrapped into Smartlink.

🔹 ProPush.me — An automated platform for smart monetization of traffic with push subscriptions for affiliate marketers and website owners.

🔹 ADEX — AI-powered real-time ad fraud detection and prevention algorithms packed in an easy-to-use self-serve interface.

The company was founded by Embria in 2011.