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Embria Club

For over 10 years, Embria has been developing a professional community of tech founders and executives by organizing multi-format business events around the world - from industry expert roundtables to large-scale networking sessions. Through these, tech entrepreneurs have been able to share their expertise, gain valuable insights, find partners and cooperate on various projects.

In May 2023, we went one step further and launched Embria Club, a membership-based networking space for leading and high-potential tech founders and executives doing business in Cyprus.

Carefully selected audience, regular themed events for top professionals in Marketing, Product Management, AI, High Load Systems, Finance and more, targeted exclusive introductions - all these enable efficient networking for the Club visitors.

Embria Club

At the same time, Embria Club is a fully equipped site for different work formats:

“Do not disturb” mode
Business meetings
Negotiations or strategic sessions

Alongside the unique author's cuisine, individual approach to each guest, and absolute privacy, the Club aims to become an important part of Embria’s global networking ecosystem.

The Сlub operates on a membership basis.
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Embria Village

Embria Village is a unique IT campus located in a picturesque Finnish forest area, between the cities of Lappeenranta and Imatra, not too far from civilization yet private enough to provide the perfect environment for inspiring teamwork and recreation.

Embria Village was launched in 2015 as an essential part of Embria’s global ecosystem for entrepreneurship development. It’s a place where tech founders and their teams can combine productive work with incredible outdoor recreation and full-fledged digital detox. This is where startups, new projects, and ideas are born and gain energy for execution.

Beautiful nature around
Numerous board games
The purest lakes nearby
Forest or health-improving Nordic walking
Outdoor sports
Barbecue areas
Fine dining
Tap drinking water
Picking blueberries
Authentic carpentry workshop
Free access to bicycles and sports equipment
SPA with a spacious Finnish steam room and a cedar barrel
— all these give a variety of options to Embria Village residents.
Embria Village

At the same time, Embria Village is a platform fully equipped for holding strategic sessions, long hackathons, product camps, presentations, brainstorms and seminars, implementing productive training and professional development programs for employees.

Hi-speed internet
Ergonomic workspace zoning
High-tech equipment

make Embria Village a unique tool for effective teamwork and business acceleration.

All Embria Village facilities are available for Embria portfolio companies and Embria global community.