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We found, fund and grow tech companies

At Embria, we bring together ambitious teams to create long-lasting tech businesses in the mobile gaming, wellness, social, adtech, and other markets since 2007.

  • Vladimir Gurov
  • Pavel Yakovlev
  • Christis Christoforou
  • Stan Gorozhankin
  • Arvid Vismont
  • Anastasia Akula
  • Irina Goncharova
  • Nadezhda Korotkova
  • Max Shamis
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Our approach

Forging competitive teams

We find strong partners and help them to become even stronger thanks to our supportive ecosystem, systematic approach, and solid managerial skills.

Finding team-market fit

We have a clear and established process for creating new companies. This draws on our own data and meticulous market research and our ability to match the right team to the right business idea.

Applying our resources and methodology

We’re committed to playing an active role in the business we build and invest in. This allows us and our partners to share knowledge and learn from our successes and failures together.

Retaining strong co-founders to establish serial businesses

Our relationships with co-founders often outlive the first startup we create together. Many of them built multiple companies with us.