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At Embria, we know

Startup is nothing without the people who build and grow it

That’s why we focus as much on people as we do on the market and business mechanics of each business we co-found
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These are the people who make Embria one of the leading venture builders in Europe

Vladimir Gurov Vladimir Gurov
Embria's founder and co-CEO
Pavel Yakovlev Pavel Yakovlev
Embria's founder and co-CEO
Alex Sokoloff Alex Sokoloff
Chief visionary officer
Alena Abramova Alena Abramova
Chief production officer
Irina Rosenberg Irina Rosenberg
Head of operations
Stan Gorozhankin Stan Gorozhankin
Head of analytics
Valery Ivanov Valery Ivanov
Head of research
Arvid Vismont Arvid Vismont
Daria Papkova Daria Papkova
Startup producer
Anastasia Akula Anastasia Akula
Startup producer
Tim Lipsky Tim Lipsky
Startup producer
Julia Lebed Julia Lebed
Head of communications
Marianna Krell Marianna Krell
People management partner
Ariadna Butler Ariadna Butler
Networking manager
Raluca Elena Ochiana Raluca Elena Ochiana
Accounting manager
Maria Sotiriou Maria Sotiriou
Company administrator
Kira Bondareva Kira Bondareva
Chief of staff to Pavel Yakovlev
Max Shamis Max Shamis
General counsel
Myria Georgiou Myria Georgiou
Legal counsel
Inna Igontova Inna Igontova
Co-founder, MEAL
Anton Kotelnikov Anton Kotelnikov
Co-founder, Afterglow