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Embria to invest $1M in ASOdesk startup

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Embria to invest $1M in ASOdesk startup

Embria is investing $1M to support a mobile marketing solution and service provider ASOdesk. The funds will be used to further develop the product, enter European markets and expand the team.

Cyprus-based ASOdesk is an all-in-one platform that helps app and game developers to grow their businesses. Since 2015 it equips companies with Full Cycle ASO, Customer Support automation, Marketing and Product Management tools, data and insights to effectively grow your app business on the App Store & Google Play. 

Already in 2017, the company reached operating profit. Last year its Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) amounted to €500,000. Сompanies like ABBYY, OneTwoTrip and SuperJob are among ASOdesk's current customers. 

Embria’s investments, expertise and network will help the company go global. The sum will be provided in two tranches within a year in exchange for a minority stake.

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