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Wachanga mobile app developer raises $0.7M from Embria

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Wachanga mobile app developer raises $0.7M from Embria

Embria is investing $700 000 in Wachanga — a successful mobile app developer for existing and soon-to-be parents. The company creates helpful products by combining them into a single ecosystem — Family Development Assistant. Wachanga has seven applications in its portfolio that help people at different stages of parenting. 

The project involves leading experts — psychologists, doctors, and educators to make applications as valuable and accurate as possible. Applications are translated into 52 languages ​​and have users worldwide. The active monthly audience reached over 2 million users, and it keeps growing.

In Embria, we see high potential of cooperation with Wachanga. The project’s team has a deep product understanding and a good level of expertise. High retention and built-in processes for interacting with users is what we are looking for in mobile app developers. 

We invest $700 000 for further scaling of products, their qualitative improvement, and the development of AI tools. Together with the Wachanga team, we will focus on analytics and marketing to make application scaling even more successful.

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