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Cyprus Tech & Business Events 2023

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Cyprus Tech & Business Events 2023

Located on the crossroads between Europe, Africa, and Asia, Cyprus is an emerging innovation and entrepreneurial hub and home to our head office. According to dealroom.co, in 2022, there were 446 startups and scaleups on the island, worth €3.7 billion in combined enterprise value. 

Every year, Cyprus welcomes new talentsβ€”startup founders, entrepreneurs, software engineers, and other tech professionalsβ€”to join its vibrant, diverse, and investor-friendly tech environment. And like any other tech hub, Cyprus hosts many business and tech events each year to bring those talents together. 

If you're looking for new business opportunities or are just new to the island and want to get yourself around, we've gathered all the key 2023 tech events in Cyprus in one place. Read on to see what meetups, conferences, hackathons, and other events the island is hosting this year.

Recurring events

IT Hub by Embria and Servers.com

An offline, one-day networking event for tech founders, entrepreneurs, and tech-savvy professionals based in Cyprus and beyond.

πŸ“… Date: every 3–4 months

Link: embria.com/blog/2779

Place: Limassol

Access: invite only

GDCy Party

This big monthly networking event organized by the Game Dev Cyprus community is the main meeting point for everybody interested in the games business. GDCy brings together industry professionals to enjoy untied small talks. Free beer, free food, photoshoot, DJ, RSVP presentations, and giveaways from sponsors.

πŸ“… Date: June 2, 2023

Link: gdcy.eu

Place: Columbia Beach, Agios Athanasios

Access: free entrance

TechIsland Connect

TechIsland is a non-profit tech association that unites over 180 Cyprus-based tech companies around the mission of turning Cyprus into a world-class destination for world-class talent. Its first networking event already happened on the 9th of February this year, and the association announced TechIsland Connect #2, so stay tuned for the details.

πŸ“… Date: To be defined

Link: linkedin.com/company/thetechisland

Place: Limassol

Access: DM TechIsland’s LinkedIn for details and registration


EcoXCyprus, a community for networking and conneXions around startups, business, technology, investments, and blockchain, organizes regular in-person meetups in Limassol. "Our goal during the meetups is networking and learning something new while having fun in a relaxed atmosphere,"β€”says Panis Pieri, the founder of EcoXCyprus and one of the top local startup journalists.

πŸ“… Date: Monthly

Link: www.ecoxcyprus.com

Place: Diamante blu, Limassol

Access: Pre-registration

Cyprus Data Meet-Up

Events organized by a community of experts in analytics and data engineering. "For everyone who is far from indifferent to data, patterns, and the sunny island of Cyprus".

πŸ“… Date: Recurring, closest date: Feb 15, 6:30 pm

Link: t.me/cyprusdata

Place: ASBIS Tech Cluster, Limassol

Access: Pre-registration

Cyprus_iT Networking

Cyprus_iT Networking is an informal networking event organized by Oleg Reshetnikov, a famous public activist and the founder of one of the world's largest Russian-speaking Digital communities. For 5 years since its launch, more than 270 weekly offline events have been held, attended by over 6000 people in total. By participating in Cyprus_iT Networking, you'll have an opportunity to network with interesting people from innovative companies (and not only). It welcomes tech individuals located in Cyprus as well as newcomers and guests of the island.

πŸ“… Date: Every Wednesday, 7 pm

Link: cyprusit.t.me

Place: Malindi, Limassol

Access: Free entrance

THE HUB (ex Paphos Hub)

THE HUB is an expats community for everyone who is connected to the digital. They organize mini-conferences, meetups, lectures, and startup pitches. "Different topics, different speakers, different formats, but always top content and useful contacts. As well as interactive surveys, a business dating bot, a lottery, and space prizes".

πŸ“… Date: Every Friday, 7 pm

Link: t.me/paphoshub

Place: Sash Shisha, Limassol

Access: Free entrance

Founders CY сommunity meetups

Community of founders and startups located in Cyprus. At the meetups, participants discuss technologies and business, share experiences, provide support and make the world a better place together.

πŸ“… Date: Every 1–2 months

Link: invite-only Telegram channel

Place: Limassol


Cyprus Developer Community

The Cyprus Developer Community is an umbrella for developer and technology groups in Cyprus. They provide a central website and chat for all things tech/engineering/development.

πŸ“… Date: 3 events in February (16, 23, 25)

Link: eventbrite.com/o/cyprus-developer-community

Place: Limassol, Protaras, Paphos

Access: Free entrance

CDC Meet & Greet Limassol

Informal meet & greet to talk about the latest in software and web development, technology, and science.

πŸ“… Date: Monthly

Link: eventbrite.com/e/cdc-meet-greet-limassol

Place: Bono Bar & Restaurant, Limassol

Access: Free entrance


Women in Blockchain Summit 2023

The female-focused and female-led Blockchain Summit

πŸ“… Date: March 13-15

Link: womenofblockchain.org

Place: St Raphael Resort, Limassol

Access: Tickets available on the website


One of the most vibrant and informal IT conferences for professionals from digital product development teams.

πŸ“… Date: March 16-17

Link: cyprus.productcamp.eu

Place: Cyprus, Limassol (+ online)

Access: Tickets available on the website

The Morning Buzz by Httpool

"The Morning Buzz" is a new event in Limassol by Httpool, a company representing leading digital media platforms across 50+ countries worldwide, supporting their growth and driving business results for digital advertisers and agencies. It gives you a great opportunity to meet with the Httpool team in Cyprus and hear the latest news and updates from partners such as TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, Snap, and others. 

πŸ“… Date: March 29

Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-morning-buzz-by-httpool-tickets-596551219757

Place: Cyprus, Limassol

Access: Tickets available on the website



The closest meetup organised by nonce.101.cy is "How Data Tells the Story of Blockchain". There, Aleksey Studnev queries blockchains to tell a story of pumps and dumps, virtual kitties, and real-time crypto flows. 

πŸ“… Date: April 6

Link: https://nonce.101.cy/

Place: Cyprus, Limassol

Access: Tickets available on the website

First-ever IT Ladies Techisland meet-up

Powered by Techisland and Adsterra, this event will have an open-talk format and with a variety of networking opportunities. 

πŸ“… Date: April 11

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thetechisland/

Place: Cyprus, Limassol

Access: Tickets available on LinkedIn 


Best Invest Congress

Being held since 2015, Best Invest Congress is a unique global networking platform for business community members which promotes investment opportunities in Cyprus and gives an overview of the international investment climate and forecasts.

πŸ“… Date: May 29-30

Link: https://vkcyprusinvest.com/

Place: Parklane Resort, Limassol, Cyprus

Access: Tickets available on the website


DCOSS-IoT 2023

The conference intended since its creation to cover several aspects of distributed computing in smart systems such as high-level abstractions and models, systematic design methodologies, signal and information processing, algorithms, analysis and applications. Starting from the 2023 event, DCOSS is broadening its scope beyond sensor networks to smart systems in general as well as the Internet of Things (IoT).

πŸ“… Date: June 19-21

Link: dcoss.org

Place: Coral Bay, Pafos, Cyprus

Abstract/Paper Submission till Feb. 20

2nd Digital Cyprus Conference 2023: The Technology Revolution Reshaping Business

At the Digital Cyprus Conference 2023, leading experts in the field of digital technology will present the future of technology and the important new trends that are expected to reshape the business and social landscape in the coming years, while the public is invited to discover key strategies that are key to the success of digital technologies.

πŸ“… Date: June 22

Link: imhbusiness.com/en/events/2nd-digital-cyprus-conference

Place: Hilton Nicosia

Access: Tickets available on the website


SIGMA. Balkans & CIS

The SiGMA Conference is known far and wide for its enlightening panels, inspiring speeches, ample opportunities to invest and network, and the ability to do it all while having the time of your life.

πŸ“… Date: September 4-7

Link: sigma.world/cis

Place: Limassol

Access: Pre-registration

WMA 2Oth Anniversary

Europe’s longest-running affiliate marketing B2B event. Explore new business opportunities, reestablish your network in person, and rediscover the value of face-to-face communication as a hybrid pioneer.

πŸ“… Date: September 13-17

Link: webmasteraccess.com

Place: Grand Resort Hotel, Limassol & Online

Access: Tickets available on the website

Reflect Festival

Reflect is the biggest tech and entrepreneurial festival in Cyprus, where the region's doers network, brainstorm, and learn from their peers. Conveniently located at the crossroads of the EU, Africa, and the Middle East, it invites attendees to the bustling seaside city of Limassol every year. The festival earned a reputation as an inventive, fun melting pot of entrepreneurs, investors, and thinkers. Throughout these few days, countless new ideas, projects, and partnerships are born.

Date: September 20-21

πŸ”— Link: reflectfest.com

Place: Limassol

Access: Tickets will be available on the website

White Nights Cyprus

The game industry dealmaking event.

πŸ“… Date: early September

Link: wnconf.com/cyprus-23

Place: Limassol

Access: Tickets will be available for purchase in March

Linq Conference (ex Cyprus IT Forum)

The Mediterranean's leading tech conference, where c-level executives, investors, policymakers, and tech lovers come together to inspire, educate, and connect.

πŸ“… Date: September

Link: linqconf.com

Place: Cyprus

Access: Tickets available on the website

Dates to be announced

HackAdTech Hackathon 2023

HackAdTech Hackathon is an exclusive IT event in Limassol, Cyprus, held by AdTech Holding. The hackathon is designed for programmers and people passionate about software development. During this event, talented participants must develop ideas and create various applications or solutions for the given problem.

Date: mid-fall

πŸ”— Link: https://adtechholding.com/blog/hackadtech-open-hackathon-2022-summary

Place: Limassol

Access: Registration on the website (to pitch an idea or join an existing team)

GDCy Fest 2023

Game Dev Cyprus community founders announced their plans to launch a new format in the spring of this year. The open-air festival program will contain speakers' presentations and workshops, live rock bands, street food, beach activities for the whole family, a T. rex costume run, famous DJs, and, of course, game dev networking.

πŸ”— Link: gdcy.eu

Place: Limassol

Access: by tickets

Cyprus Fintech Summit 2023

The Cyprus Fintech Summit is an international summit dedicated to the future of technological innovation in financial services.

πŸ”— Link: cyprusfintechsummit.com

Place: Cyprus

Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition

The Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition (CyEC) is a business plan competition designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs transform their ideas into world-changing companies. Participants will have the unique opportunity to develop their ideas, grow their business skills, and network through a series of carefully designed workshops by local and international partners, mentoring sessions, and networking events.

πŸ”— Link: cyec.org.cy

Place: Nicosia, Cyprus

If you haven't found your event here, we'd be happy to add it. Please write to Julia.

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