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Opening of Embria Club in Cyprus

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Opening of Embria Club in Cyprus

For over 10 years, Embria has been developing a professional community of tech founders and executives by organizing multi-format business events worldwide - from industry expert roundtables to large-scale networking sessions. Through these, tech entrepreneurs have been able to share their expertise, gain valuable insights, find partners, and cooperate on various projects.

In 2023, we are proud to announce the launch of Embria Club, a networking space for leading tech founders and executives doing business in Cyprus.

The main goal of Embria Club is to become a place where like-minded people can spend time productively and comfortably and develop business partnerships.

Carefully selected audiences, regular themed events for top professionals in Marketing, Product Management, AI, High Load Systems, Finance, and more, and exclusive introductions enable efficient networking for the Club visitors.

Besides, Embria Club is a fully equipped site for various work formats: “do not disturb” mode, business meetings, negotiations, or strategic sessions.

The Сlub operates on a membership basis.

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